A compilation of a number of state and federal reports and studies of sex-offender recidivism (updated January, 2002):
Examining Sex-Offender Recidivism (PDF)

A new report (released June, 2002) from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics:
Recidivism of Prisoners Released in 1994

Stay tuned... Updated study coming soon (June 2004).

Sorry about that. Between computer crashes, lost passwords and other issues, the update is still not ready. It was close last winter, but the discovery of additional elements caused a significant reorganization and so it will not be ready before end of summer 2005. (To tell the truth, I haven't even cleared the decks enough to get to it as of 8/07/2005.)

For the person who wanted to know about recidivism correlated to victim, look at this report: About Recidivism.

Other material:
Sexual Offence Recidivism: Prediction versus understanding
Sex Offender Recidivism
Recidivism Report: Inmates Released from Florida Prisons July 1995 to June 2001, Florida Department of Corrections, July 2003
SOHopeful Int'l (??? references)
Kentucky Department of Corrections Recidivism

New source for you (8/07/2005): Sex Offender Recidivism: A Simple Question 2004-03 (a small PDF). And very interesting, the break of differences in recidivism rates by victim type.

New blog, not on recidivism issues though: No Sex Offenders Need Apply

Last updated: 8/11/2005

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